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The Stone Museum

The Stone Museum
608 Spotswood-Englishtown Rd. Monroe Township, NJ 08831 732-521-2232
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The Stone Museum represents many things to many people, but it isn't an easy place to define or pin down. As our name suggest, we are a museum of minerals and fossils with a host of indoor and outdoor displays that are "hands on" enabling people of all ages to actually touch specimens from 80 countries. We also have the most visually arresting exhibit of fluorescent minerals in Central New Jersey, as well as dinosaur eggs from China and Indian artifacts from local hunting grounds.

The Stone Museum was curated by Gerald Kliner, he has given over 800 free tours. It includes rocks and fossils, fluorescent minerals, dinosaur eggs, Native American artifacts and a large rock collection. The museum displays over 1800 specimens from around the world, which visitors can touch. Monmouth University donated its collection of 550 minerals. The U.S. Army donated an M60 tank and a Cobra Helicopter. For the kids, we've built "Monroe the Dino," a 20 foot tall dinosaur replica in a stone-like enclosure that growls with real ferocity. We also have a Helistop on site H353.

There is a section devoted to Jim Gary, the famous Dinosaur man. He was the first living artist to exhibit his work in the Smithsonian. He made his art from old car parts. His Dinosaurs were exhibited in museums all over the world.

The latest addition to the Stone Museum is Pat Carmella's Shoe Shop. It is his old shop that was in Monroe Township. Everything is like it was back then.

The Stone Museum is closed until spring 2017.
No appoinment neccessary. Call Patty (732-446-5900 or Barbara (732-521-2232) or the Office (732-656-3333) to schedule any days or evenings.

Thank you,
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